Overview MatrixQMS

NEW 2.0

Intended Use

The MatrixQMS module allows to document processes, related risks and allows to publish them as SOPs for use.

It is now possible to publish more than two layers and also other field types than text boxes. Look at the QMS configuration to see how to do it.


The QMS module contains 4 different projects:

  1. QMS: your Quality Management System
  2. QMS_FILE: a repository for your QMS records
  3. HR_FILE: a repository for your HR records
  4. CAPA: a repository for your Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions records

The QMS project is the heart of your Quality Management System. It contains all the processes, working instructions, process-related risks and is the place where you create your documents, templates and publish your QMS to make it available to the people you want.


Look at the recorded webinar on SOPs/procedures/processes/Work Instructions and how to handle them in MatrixQMS: (direct link here)