How does the invoicing work?

We will send you a first invoice that matches the agreed number of licenses you will need for the first month.

The invoice contains a link to an ecommerce site (handled by Stripe) where you will pay that first invoice.

After that, at the end of each one-month period, we compute the number of read/write licenses you require at the time of invoicing. The users that count toward the licensing are the admin users and the users where you specified a Write access (W). We then generate the invoice based on that number (in a way this means you actually pay each month the usage of the previous month).

We pay that invoice on your credit card and send you the invoice including all the license information.

If there's a credit card refusal we send you the invoice with a new link to fill in new credit card information.

If you prefer paying through wire transfer, it is also possible but we require a 6- or 12-month upfront invoicing in that case. The 12-month invoicing benefits from a 10% reduction.

US customers: our historical prices were only in €. We now offer a USD tariff, for details see here: - you can request a change to the USD tariff at any time.