How can I compare two revisions of a document?

You can always compare the content of a SIGN/DOC item by doing a REDLINE against another version of the SIGN item. This action will show you all the items inside the document that evolves between the two versions:

Find more info on redlining documents.

On the other hand, if you would like to visually compare two revisions of a document, there are two options:

  • either you create two word documents and compare those inside word. Note to do so 
    • download the two document revisions from Matrix as word documents
    • Open word
    • Go to the Review rider and select Compare two documents
    • Select the two word documents
    • If needed save the result as Compare.docx and attach it to another document in Matrix.
  • you enable an advanced feature to compare documents in the software: "Document Version Compare"

Comparing DOCs and SIGNs in Matrix

  1. in the admin client, enable the advanced feature "Document Version Compare" for the project holding the documents

  2. Save and refresh the normal client and select a DOC or a SIGN item
  3. open the menu "Compare to " and select the other revision

  4. wait and possibly filter the documents by hiding identical sections/items

See an example here after: