QMS Configuration

This page allows you to define some basic settings that are specific for a QMS project.

  1. Publishing Rights: Here you can select who has the right to publish changes in the QMS to the LiveQMS webpage. More information can be found here: PUB Items
  2. SOP labels: In this section you can add, remove, adapt and reorder the labels for the SOPs. More information on these labels can be found here: PROC Items
  3. Default SOP for new processes: Here you can define the default value of the SOP label for newly created PROC items
  4. Approver for Process Reviewed: Here you can select who is allowed to set the Process Reviewed label in the PROC items
  5. Approver for Work Instruction: Here you can select who is allowed to set the Work Instruction Ok label in the WI items

You can define an publish any number of layers through the QMS:

It is now possible to publish more than two layers and also other field types than text boxes.

In order to publish another layer, add a new category with the wanted fields and edit the QMS setting (advanced mode) in the admin client.

In there define the what can be published, using a configuration like the below:

  "publications": [
      "rules": [
          "category": "MAN",
          "groupName": "Manual!",
          "readyLabels": [ "a", "b" ],
          "itemRules": 0
          "category": "PROC",
          "readyLabels": [ "PROCOK" ],
          "itemRules": 0,
          "groupName": "SOP",
          "groupLabelType": "SOPS",
          "groupDown": [ "WI" ]
          "category": "WI",
          "readyLabels": [ "WIOK" ],
          "itemRules": 0
          "category": "REV",
          "readyLabels": [],
          "itemRules": 0
      "toCategory": "PUB",
      "target": "pub",
      "keepFlatList": false,
      "publisher": "wolfgang"
  "rolesTargetProjects": [ "AFF", "AIDQMS" ]

The setting has a field with an array of publications, so far only one publication is allowed.

Each publication has

  • toCategory: which is the ID of the category which stores the publications (needs to be PUB)
  • target: the link in the url to the published website (needs to be pub)
  • keepFlatList: if set to true, the publications in the PUB category will be in a flat list,. Otherwise they will be sorted into years / month folders.
  • publisher: a comma separated list of users who can publish (can be changed in UI)
  • rules: an array of rules describing which category can be published how, each rule has the following fields
    • 0: individual items to be published unless they are in a group (in that case they can only be published with the group)
    • 1: individual items to be published even if they are in a group (so the whole SOP or and PROC there of can be published independently)
    • 2: individual items cannot be published by itself (only groups of items can be published)

    • category: the id of the category
    • groupName: the label in the published website
    • groupLabelType: optional setting, if items should be group able in the UI
    • groupDown: a list of downlinks which should be rendered if they exist
    • readyLabels: a list of labels which must be set for an item to be publishable
    • itemRules: can be 0,1,2 and defines when items can be published, for example if an item is in a group "Design Control SOP" you can define if only the complete SOP can be published or also individual items 

The last setting, common for all publications is

  •  rolesTargetProjects: a list of projects to which users roles can be published (can be modified in the UI)

The following fields can be published:

  • tables,
  • checkboxes,
  • file attachments,
  • rich text boxes,
  • text boxes,
  • drop downs,
  • dates

Additional information: 

  1. You can group each PROC per label in the configuration and:
  • manage the label order playing with the arrows (1)
  • edit the group label name (2)
  • delete any group label (3)
  • add new group label (4)

2. How to restrict reviewers to Processes or Work instructions:

3. How to provide publishing rights to users: