Review Labels

Review labels are similar to XOR labels, meaning that only one option from the group can be chosen at any time. 

See OR Labels for a configuration options for each label.

There are some additional configuration options for the review group

  • The select default label for new items allows to choose the default 'review state' of a new item.
  • The select reviewers allows to specify users who can change the 'review state' of an item
  • The ask for label when creating new items option allows to pick the review state when creating new items
  • The ask for comments requests from the user to enter a specific comment when changing the label
  • The show comments for labels shows the comments in the UI
  • The label type is for internal use. 

Note: one small other difference compared to XOR labels: when changing the 'review state' of an item, the label is set and the item is automatically saved.