Table Configuration


  • limit number of rows: defines a maximum number of rows
  • fix number of rows: defines an initial number of rows
  • can be modified: whether the user can change the number of rows
  • show line numbers: whether to show a first column with a line number
  • tab on read only cells: whether the tab stops at read only cells 

Definition of columns

For each table the columns must be defined. Other options control the behavior of the overall table

  • columns: column[], // an array of column definitions (see below)
    • name: the name of the column shown in the table header

    • field: the id in the column / of the data

    • editor: default: readonly, can be text, uprules, downrules, date, select (needs an array with options), versionletter, user, textline, design, ...

    • options: (for select) array with id, name pairs, for rules: singleSelect:true, showTitle:true

Cell Editors

cell editors define how data can be entered and how it is displayed afterwards. The following editors exist

textallows to enter rich text
textlineallows to enter a simple line of text (without formatting)
dateallows to select a date


allows to select a date. Initialized with today's date for new rows
todayread-only field with date of creation of row
selectallows to select a value from a dropdown

define the options the user can select

{ "id1":"option 1", "id2":"option 2", ....}

userallows to select a user
user_selfallows to select a user. Initialized with the user who created the row
selfread-only field with user who created the row
category (from 1.11 replaces rules:CAT1,...)allows to select a category from the list of supplied categoires


"singleSelect": true, // if only one item can be selected
"showTitle": true // if the titel shall be displayed (not only the id)

uprulesallows to select items from the categories which are defined as up rules

"singleSelect": true, // if only one item can be selected
"showTitle": true // if the title shall be displayed (not only the id)

"autolink":true // create up and down references if item are selected in table

downrulesallows to select items from the categories which are defined as down rules
designallows to select any item of any category marked as design


The "comment log" editor allows each user to add comments with a time stamp and user id, sorted chronologically. The option "append":true sorts them in the inverse order.
versionThe "version" column can be used to automatically fill the current version of an item in the table
nonefor readonly columns